Technical consultancy

2015 - Blink Films

Scientific adviser on upcoming National Geographic film


2010 – 2011 BBC World/Evergreen (Cretaceous FIlms) Pty Ltd

Creature designer and palaeontological consultant for ‘Walking with Dinosaurs 3D’


2009 - 2011 BBC Media

Palaeontological consultant for 'Planet Dinosaur'

Technical advisor to artists and production team on the pterosaurs featured in the series.


2009 – 2010: Atlantic productions

Palaeontological consultant for ‘Flying Monsters 3D’

Technical advisor to artists, animators and production team for the BAFTA-winning David Attenborough film.


2008 - 2009: Dangerous Ltd

Palaeontological consultant for 'Clash of the Dinosaurs'

Pteranodon quad launch