Lecturing, press work and public outreach

Teaching experience


2010 – 2011: Supervision of postgraduate palaeobiology students, University of Portsmouth


2009 – 2010: Student supervisor in volunteer pterosaur modelling scheme, University of Portsmouth

Teaching and supervision of palaeoartistic and modelling techniques to under- and postgraduate students who assist with manufacture of  pterosaur models for the Royal Society’s 2010 Summer Science Festival.


2005 - 2013: Demonstrator, University of Portsmouth

Assistant teaching of sedimentology, introductory geology, invertebrate palaeontology and fieldwork in southern England.


2008 - 2013: Casual lecturer, University of Portsmouth

Preparation and delivery of lecture series at second- (Palaeontological Techniques) and third-year levels (Dinosauria, Vertebrate Palaeontology); organised and delivered practical sessions on technical drawing of fossils, hand specimens and palaeoartistic techniques.


2006 - 2007: Open-day demonstrator, University of Portsmouth

Demonstrating fossils and palaeontological concepts to prospective students.



Invited talks and outreach


Keynote lectures

Natural History Museum, London (2013); SVPCA 2011, Lyme Regis and VI Symposium about Palaeontology of Dinosaurs and their Environment, Salas de los Infantes, Spain (2013).


Invited talks

University of Southampton (2012), Geological Society of the Isle of Wight (2008), Southampton Geology Field Study Group (2011), Brighton and Hove Geological Society (2011), Hants Gem Fossil and Mineral Society (2012); Worthing Geological Society (2013); Brighton Café Scientifique (2014), Lyme Regis Fossil Festival (2014). 5 inter-departmental evening seminars given at University of Portsmouth since 2005.


Exhibition development

Manufactured, exhibited and publicly demonstrated life-size pterosaur skeleton models and displays at the Cheltenham Science Fair (2006); Brighton Festival of Science (2006), Buckingham Palace (2006) and Royal Festival Hall (2010). Generated and installed six new exhibition displays across the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Portsmouth. Designed and installed ‘Palaeoartworks’, a palaeoart gallery and exhibition for the Lyme Regis Fossil Fair (2014).


School outreach

Talks given to secondary-school students in University of Portsmouth UP 4 It programme, and at Broomfield School, Leigh Park, Hampshire. . Contributed to PASTA programme for teaching evolution and natural selection at Key Stage 1 and 2, including producing handouts and background notes for teachers.


Media work

Scientific advisor for the Discovery Channel documentary series Clash of the Dinosaurs (2008-2009), the David Attenborough/Atlantic Productions film Flying Monsters 3D (2011), the BBC documentaries Planet Dinosaur (2011) and Bones (2014), an untitled National Geographic documentary (Blink Films, 2015), and the BBC/20th Century Fox movie Walking with Dinosaurs 3D (2013). Invited speaker on the BBC News channel. Guest discussing palaeontology on BBC Radio 4 and 5, regional BBC radio channels, and additional appearances on British and Canadian commercial radio.


Media coverage and exposure

Presented short videos on BBC Online documenting the manufacture of pterosaur models (2009 – 2010) Substantial press coverage associated with journal articles describing the new pterosaur Lacusovagus (Witton 2008), the ‘terrestrially stalking’ azhdarchid foraging hypothesis (Witton and Naish 2008) and ‘quadrupedal launch’ pterosaur takeoff mechanics (Witton and Habib 2010). My paintings have appeared on BBC News at Ten, The Making of Flying Monsters 3D and other programmes, in the British national newspapers The Sun and The Times, and journals such as Science and Proceedings of the Royal Society B, including as the cover image for the January 2013 issue of TREE. I have written and illustrated double-page spread articles for The Independent (2013).